Monday, August 17, 2015

Required Orchestra Meeting Reminder

Just a quick reminder to mark your calendar for the required Orchestra Meeting for students and parents on Wednesday, August 19 @ 6:30-8:15 pm.

Plan at least an hour to get everything done. Come at 6:30 and hit a few stations before the short 7pm presentation, or come at 7pm for the presentation and do everything afterward.

Here are the highlights of our agenda:

Stations open at 6:30
  1. Smart Music  
  2. Concert Attire** (scroll to the bottom of this post for details)**
  3. Fundraising for your $100 Student Fee and personal orchestra-related expenses
  4. Orchestra Merchandise  
  5. Volunteer Opportunities  

  • Quick presentation meeting at 7:00
  • Stations remain open for you to finish up until 8:15
  • Please bring your checkbook to pay for concert attire and/or the Orchestra Student Fee

  • Do these things at home before you come!

    Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday night!