The Director

Mr. Ryan Woodworth is a 6th generation native Coloradan. He grew up in the area and went to University of Northern Colorado for his Bachelors Degree in Music Performance in the area of Double Bass under James Vaughn. After completion of his bachelors, Ryan moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for his masters degree in Double Bass Performance under Jeff Turner. Once completed, Ryan did an additional certification in Music Education. Both post-graduate degrees were earned through Carnegie-Mellon University.

Previous to becoming the Orchestras Director at HRHS in 2009, Ryan was an active freelance and contracted musician in the Pittsburgh area playing with professional and semi-professional orchestras. Several of these orchestras include the Canton Symphony, Youngstown Symphony, Erie Philharmonic, Westmoreland Symphony, and Pittsburgh Opera Theater. During his time performing, Ryan also enjoyed teaching at a middle school strings position, teaching at the collegiate level at Grove City College, and maintaining a large private teaching studio in the Pittsburgh area.

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HRHS Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra is the largest orchestra at HRHS. It is the orchestra where most students begin and where many students play throughout their time in high school. There are a variety of leadership opportunities within the Symphony Orchestra, and for those students who want to make a greater commitment to music, there are opportunities with the HRHS Chamber Orchestra and regional honor orchestras.

HRHS Chamber Orchestra

The HRHS Chamber Orchestra is an audition-only ensemble for Grades 10, 11, and 12. See the Orchestra Handbook for detailed audition requirements and other guidelines for membership in the Chamber Orchestra.

Auditions will be held in mid-March. Students accepted into the Highlands Ranch High School Chamber Orchestra for the 2018-19 school year will be notified by the middle of April 2018.


Highlands Ranch High School has a Tri-M Music Honor Society Chapter that is open to any student in grades 10, 11, and 12 who meet the school and national academic and musical requirements. Students who maintain membership in this honor society throughout their high school years graduate with honors and then become alumni members of this prestigious organization for life. This International Music Honor Society is recognized at many colleges and universities and can be an important part of a students’ resume and portfolio. Membership applications will be available during the fall semester.

Orchestra Student Council

This group will be comprised of students who are elected by members of each Orchestra. Three students will be chosen from the Chamber Orchestra and five from the Symphony as members-at-large (one student from each grade). In addition, a president, vice-president, secretary, historian, events coordinator, media tech, and librarian will be selected by the entire orchestra membership. (Officers can be elected from either orchestra.) This council will give students a way in which to voice their suggestions, opinions and concerns in a democratic and non-threatening way. The council will also plan orchestra social activities, fundraising events and other activities important to the orchestra. One or two members of the council may be asked to attend Orchestra Parent Meetings on an as-needed basis. Orchestra Council meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis or as needed.

HRHS Orchestras Boosters

Every parent of an orchestra student at HRHS is a member of the Orchestras Boosters. A large orchestra program such as we have at HRHS cannot function without the help of parents. Parent volunteers help with concert attire, refreshments at concerts, the orchestra banquet, fundraising and many, many other things. We need you!!

Your Orchestra Booster leaders for 2017-2018 are:

Paul Gross, President

Luke Davis, VP Fundraising
Sandra Rainey, VP Communications
Tiffany Cholez, Secretary
Kim Gross, Treasurer
Janet Davis, Ambassador

EBOP (HRHS Elementary Band and Orchestra Program)

EBOP is a program of the Highlands Ranch High School Music Department for 5th and 6th graders in the high school's feeder elementary schools, charter schools and home schools. Click here to learn more.