Each student is responsible for a $100 annual student fee to provide for the financial needs of the orchestras that exceed DCSD's program budget.

The HRHS Orchestras Boosters create opportunities for students and families to raise funds to cover the $100 annual student fee and, after the fee has been covered, to cover personal orchestra-related expenses like private lessons, instrument rental fees or purchase costs, trip costs, etc.

Passive fundraising is the easiest way for students and their families to meet and exceed their fundraising goals. HRHS Orchestra Boosters provide two different passive fundraising options:

King Soopers/Kroger Reloadable Gift Cards

Orchestra Boosters sells Kroger re-loadable gift cards with $5 preloaded on each card. You may have as many cards as you choose to purchase tied to your child’s account.

Did you know that The Kroger Company is in almost every state? You can have family members or friends use one of these re-loadable cards to your child’s account and your child will receive 5% of everything they spend.

Every time the gift card(s) are reloaded, 5% of what you put on it goes into the student’s Orchestra Booster account. Buy groceries, prescriptions, gas, plants and flowers, even Starbucks inside the store with your King Sooper’s gift card, and 5% of everything you spend goes to the student’s account. (Note: Your King Soopers Gift Card cannot be used to purchase other gift cards in the store.)

The Kroger gift card can be reloaded at the register right before you pay. This means you can load the gift card with your Visa or other credit card (so you still get the perks that go with your credit card) and then pay for the groceries with the gift card.

When it runs out, reload it again and again. (Note: King Sooper stops tracking cards that have a zero balance for more than 90 days so to be safe keep a few dollars on the card.) 

Once the $100 annual student fee is met, a student can withdraw from this account for their private lessons, having their bow re-strung, orchestra attire expenses, orchestra-related travel expenses, etc.

FYI: Nearby King Soopers Fuel Stations are located at County Line and Holly and at Wildcat and Highlands Ranch Parkway.  The King Soopers Store at 4600 Leetsdale Drive has a liquor store where you can use your card to make purchases. 

 Contact Melanie Hall to get your King Soopers cards or for more details.

SCRIP PROGRAM -  Laurie Vogel:

Gift Cards (actual plastic cards): 
With the scrip program, families can earn for their student's orchestra account while they shop. Use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases, and earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost (beyond shipping). Each retailer in the program has a predetermined percentage (for example Chili's might have a rebate of 10% on their gift card while Walmart might have 2%). The only downside is that you have to pay for the gift card(s) in advance and so you need to plan ahead and pay ahead. Shipping is $3.00 per person per order.

For the 2016-17 school year, I will place 5 Scrip orders. I usually place the order late on Wednesday and it arrives the following week (usually early in the week). If you would like a reminder, please send me an e-mail address or a phone number that can receive a text, and I will send you a reminder the week before it is due. Gift Cards are distributed to the student or you can pick them up from Mr. Woodworth.

If you prefer to order more frequently or to have the Scrip Now option, please contact me and I will send you the information to set it up.  This option gives you Scrip when you want it without having the physical gift cards. It requires you to set up a bank account where you can debit the amount when making the purchase.