Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fundraising opportunities

I wanted to give you some more information about the other fundraising opportunities that will be coming up throughout the year. 

First of all, you may be wondering why it is so important for us to raise money every year.  Mrs. Jonas is given a limited amount of money to use on music, sectional coaches (these are outside teachers that come work with different sections), transportation to events, competitions, and class instrument repairs.  The boosters are tasked with making up the difference between district funding and what it actually costs to do all of these things with and for our students.  All money raised goes to benefit all three Orchestra classes.  If you have further questions regarding our financials, please email Wendy Becker.

Our easiest fundraising avenue is through King Soopers.  Previously you had to load money onto a gift card, but they have simplified the process greatly.  You now only have to assign Highlands Ranch Orchestra Boosters to your King Soopers rewards card.  You use your card as usual, and they do the rest!  This couldn't be any easier; however, you can only assign one non-profit to your card. The directions to do this are in the document attached to this email.  Please direct any questions to Lisa Birdwell.  

We also have Safeway cards available! They are free and are pre-loaded with $2.50.  You re-load them before you check out, then use it like a regular gift card.  Orchestra gets a portion of the sales for this as well.

Another easy way to help us raise money this year is through our Scrips program.  Scrips is an online and physical gift card program that gives money back to our boosters based on which company you get a gift card from.  There are hundreds of restaurants and retailers available.  The directions and more information about these programs are also attached to this email.  We usually place one or two orders for the physical gift cards during the year to use as gifts. 
We have more restaurant nights being planned right now, and I'll get you that information as soon it's available.  These are a great opportunity for families to help out Orchestra while taking a night off from cooking.  We usually get between 15-30% of the sales from these nights, but our Mod Market return will be 50% of sales so that is very exciting!

Another simple fundraising option we offer is becoming a Friend of the Orchestra.  Families, individuals, and companies can make a tax-deductible donation to Friends of the Orchestra to go toward our general fundraising efforts.  At designated donation levels, we will recognize donors through various methods.  Click here to get more details.

There will most likely be other fundraising efforts that will come up during the year, and we'll let you know about those.  If you have fundraising ideas or an interest in helping, please feel free to contact Alex Collins.  We appreciate all the support you can give us to help us make this an excellent year for our students!  Thank you!