Thursday, November 15, 2018

King Soopers/Safeway cards

Are you all using your King Soopers and Safeway gift cards? As long as there is some amount of cash on the card (they come pre-loaded with $2.50), they don't expire. As we prepare for the holidays, there may be a lot of extra baking and cooking in your future. We would really appreciate it if you would support your Orchestra program when you are stocking your pantry shelves.

In addition, with the new self-scanning systems in use at King Soopers, you will notice in the bottom corner that there is a running total of your bill. This makes it even easier to know how much to load onto your gift card. You can still re-load your gift in the self-checkout lanes. You simply need to let the employee taking care of those lanes know that you want to load your gift card before you check out. They are happy to help, and it runs pretty smooth. Another option would be to load your gift card before you begin shopping.

If you have extra money on your card, this is a great way to send family members and guests to the store to pick up last-minute items without them having to pay themselves and is much safer than sending a credit card with them.

Either way, your King Soopers and Safeway cards can be a simple (and very effective) way to support the hard work Mrs. Jonas and all of our students are doing. If you have any questions about King Soopers or Safeway cards, please feel free to contact Lisa Birdwell. As always, thank you for your support!!